Addressing Panama Canal Delays: Everglory’s Strategies for Timely Shipping Solutions

17Dec, 2023

UPDATE: December 19, 2023

As the Red Sea conflict unfolds, shipping companies are taking evasive actions, with Cosco-owned OOCL halting cargo acceptance to and from Israel and over one hundred vessels delaying or rerouting voyages to avoid Red Sea transit. Flexport CEO Ryan Petersen reports around seventy-eight vessels are delayed and awaiting orders. At the same time, forty-six containerships have been rerouted around the Cape of Good Hope, adding up to four weeks to each journey. The White House responded to Maersk’s decision to pause Red Sea transits, emphasizing the need for shipping lines to assess risks globally. The US has dispatched the ‘Ike’ carrier group to the Red Sea to protect US-flagged vessels, heightening concerns over the impact on global trade routes.

The Panama Canal, a crucial conduit in global shipping, is currently experiencing significant delays. For carriers like COSCO, EMC, OOCL, Zim line, One line, YML, and HAPAG, we’re observing delays ranging from ten to fourteen days. The underlying drought issue has prompted some carriers to consider alternative routes, notably the Suez Canal. However, this change affects port calls, with vessels now bypassing Boston in favor of other East Coast ports like New York, Norfolk, and Savannah.


Everglory’s Approach to Navigating Current Delays:


  • Early Shipping: To mitigate these delays, Everglory suggests shipping your cargo as early as possible. Planning ahead can circumvent prolonged waiting times and ensure your shipment reaches its destination within a reasonable frame.


  • Alternative Routing via Suez Canal: For certain shipments, routing via the Suez Canal, despite being seven to ten days longer, might be more viable, especially for heavier cargo. Everglory is ready to assist in rerouting and handling the complexities that come with this change.


  • Updated Information and Options: We continuously monitor the situation and provide our clients with the latest updates and a range of sailing options. This proactive communication ensures our clients can make informed decisions and adapt their shipping strategies accordingly.


  • Customized Logistics Solutions: Understanding that each client’s needs are unique, Everglory offers tailored solutions that address specific challenges posed by these delays. Whether it’s finding the fastest route or accommodating heavier loads, we’re here to provide effective solutions.


The current situation at the Panama Canal is a reminder of the ever-evolving nature of global logistics. Everglory Logistics remains committed to providing our clients with up-to-date information, strategic planning, and flexible options to navigate these challenges successfully. Our expertise and client-centric approach ensure that, despite global disruptions, your logistics needs are met with efficiency and reliability. If you’re ready to build resilience into your supply chain, contact Everglory Logistics today.

CTPAT Statement of Support

As a proud member of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) CTPAT program since February 9th, 2012, supply chain security continues to be an integral part of the Everglory Logistics, Inc. culture and business processes.

Since its inception in 2001, CTPAT remains a voluntary public-private sector partnership program where members work with CBP to strengthen their international supply chains and ultimately improve border security, protecting the supply chain from criminal activities such as drug trafficking, terrorism, human smuggling, and illegal contraband.

Everglory Logistics, Inc. has developed, and maintains, a multi-layered security program that is consistent with the CTPAT minimum-security criteria (MSC), and remains committed to protecting our organization and supply chain from any illegal or illicit activities.

Security is everyone's responsibility. All employees and business partners, including contractors, service providers, and visitors are educated and must comply with the company's CTPAT policies and procedures that are in place at each facility.

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