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If your supply chain calls for handling, storing or manipulating cargo at a box level, Everglory is your logistics partner to provide warehousing and 3PL services. We have assets and personnel in Asia and North America to meet your most complex third party logistics needs.



Watch, manage and direct inventory held by Everglory in our warehouses on your behalf.

Freight Consolidation


We plan shipment logistics and import & export consolidation, ensuring that each leg of the journey is as efficient as possible.



Everglory carries comprehensive facility and liability insurances to protect your goods fully while in our care.



We understand that your warehouse needs may expand and contract during a year and can price this service accordingly.

The first point of entry and or the last point of departure may be the best location to assemble a consolidation or deconsolidate an air or ocean container full of cargo to distribute throughout the United States.

On either side of the ocean, Everglory is your partner to combine shipments from multiple suppliers into a buyer’s consolidation to deliver to one location in the United States. We have warehouses throughout Asia with the capability to receive and store inventory to load and ship on demand.

In the United States, our warehouses can receive mixed loads of cargo and sort, palletize, provide short and long term storage and manage your inventory. Your inventory is visible through our Warehouse Management System (WMS) that is part of your access to the Everglory web-based shipping platform.

Warehouse storage is managed in our facilities which meet industry standards for safety, security and food-grade storage requirements. No matter your cargo, Everglory can maintain and manage it on your behalf, lowering your own costs to maintain and operate a warehouse of your own.

Warehouses can be costly and complex to maintain and manage if not fully utilized. Enter Everglory and our warehousing network. Everglory gives you the flexibility to carry your inventory through high and low periods and you pay only for the space and time and services you are utilizing.

We can offer a variety of storage solutions, including Customs bonded for cargo that hasn’t yet been entered or duty paid. Regardless your needs, ask Everglory about how our managed warehouse solutions can save your supply chain money and offer you the greatest flexibility for your inventory.

eCommerce is the next major sales channel for many companies and Everglory has the ability to manage and ship eCommerce packages at a piece level anywhere in the world.

B2B shipments are traditionally seen as LTL, FTL or pallet load shipments. But what about delivering directly to the buyer or end user? By eliminating the extra layer of a distribution warehouse before going the final mile, companies are able to offer lower product and shipping costs to consumers.

Everglory and our warehouses in Asia and the United States are equipped and connected via EDI to provide labeling and shipping services through postal services or integrators to final consumers. If your company is looking to ship directly to a buyer, ask Everglory how we can tailor solutions from foreign labeling and domestic postal injection through to relabeling and last mile delivery in the United States.

Cargo in a warehouse is not at rest. It is cargo waiting for Everglory to handle and ship.

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CTPAT Statement of Support

As a proud member of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) CTPAT program since February 9th, 2012, supply chain security continues to be an integral part of the Everglory Logistics, Inc. culture and business processes.

Since its inception in 2001, CTPAT remains a voluntary public-private sector partnership program where members work with CBP to strengthen their international supply chains and ultimately improve border security, protecting the supply chain from criminal activities such as drug trafficking, terrorism, human smuggling, and illegal contraband.

Everglory Logistics, Inc. has developed, and maintains, a multi-layered security program that is consistent with the CTPAT minimum-security criteria (MSC), and remains committed to protecting our organization and supply chain from any illegal or illicit activities.

Security is everyone's responsibility. All employees and business partners, including contractors, service providers, and visitors are educated and must comply with the company's CTPAT policies and procedures that are in place at each facility.

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